School is back in session and so is Clubhouse Transportation! All youth riding the bus must be a registered Clubhouse member, ages 6-18. Become a member here! Transportation services must be purchased on a monthly basis. Monthly registration opens one month in advance. Example: October transportation opens Sept. 1. Fees must be paid by the 25th of each month. You may pay on the portal or in-person at your Clubhouse.

Fairbanks transportation now open!

Anchorage transportation


  • How do I register for transportation? 
  • You must register your student as a Clubhouse member to register for transportation. 
  • Once your student has an active membership, you may register for additional programs by clicking browse program registrations.” 
  • Important: Please note your location on the left side of the screen to make sure your settings are reflective of the Clubhouse you are interested in. 
  • On the left-hand side of the screen under “categories” select “club programs” then “transportation.” From there you will see a list of Clubhouses that offer transportation to and from select schools. 
  • How much does it cost for Transportation? 
  • Transportation is $100 each way/per month. Example: One month of morning and afternoon services would cost $200.
  • Anchorage School District provides transportation to and from certain clubhouses. If your student lives within the boundary of your school, then fill out an ASD Bus Route Exception form and in the “reason for exception” field list the name of your Boys & Girls Club. If your student has a zone exemption, you will need to complete the Zone Exempt Application, and list the name of your Clubhouse on your application.  Once you register for ASD transportation, next register with Boys & Girls Clubs so your student is a Clubhouse member for before/after school care. 
  • Does Boys & Girls Clubs — Alaska have to register every month? 
  • You may register one month ahead of time for the following month of service.
  • Does Boys & Girls Clubs — Alaska have scholarship options available for those that may need them? 
  • There is an option at checkout to request financial assistance.
  • What time does the bus depart from the Clubhouse each morning? 
  • Please have your child arrive at the Clubhouse by 8 a.m. to board the bus or van TO school. For questions regarding transportation, please contact us.
  • Does all transportation to and from Boys & Girls Clubs –Alaska locations cost a fee?  

See below. 

  • What schools do you transport to and from? Does ASD Transport from any of those schools also? 

See below. 

Mountain View(No Fee) 

Government Hill Elementary  

Mountain View Elementary  

Tyson Elementary  

Northeast (Muldoon)(No Fee) 

Muldoon Elementary  

Creekside Park Elementary  

Chester Valley Elementary  

Susitna Elementary