CPR & First Aid training, as well as, National Fingerprinting services may be offered to community partners at a reduced cost.

CPR & First Aid Training

PediatricPlus, CPR, AED, and First Aid for Infants, Children and Adults, is included in Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska staff training, and may also be offered to community partners at a reduced cost.

CPR & First Aid classes are offered as a hybrid course. Participants may register for the course online and complete the online portion of the learning prior to the in-person training. The online learning portion takes approximately 2.5 – 4 hours to complete. A stable internet connection is highly recommended. Upon completing the online learning, the participant may schedule training for the in-person training and skills verification at The Training Center.

Please contact The Training Center at training@bgcalaska.org if you would like to register for the next CPR & First Aid training. Priority will go to Boys & Girls Clubs staff and remaining seats will be available for community partner trainees.

If you have already scheduled your CPR & First Aid training and would like to make payment, please click the link below. Upon payment you will receive confirmation and a link to your online learning.

Finger Printing Services

VeriScreen National Fingerprinting Service, is a FBI fingerprinting service offered to BGC community partners at cost. This fingerprint based record search may be used to,

(a) verify the person’s identity and legal aliases through verification of a social security number,

(b) provide a national Sex Offender Registry search,

(c) provide a comprehensive criminal search which includes a national search,

(d) provide a comprehensive local criminal search which includes either a statewide criminal search or county level criminal search depending on jurisdiction, and

(e) other data may also be obtained, based on individual employment or volunteering duties or responsibilities.

Upon completion, a copy of the report will be sent to the applying community partner as well as the applicant. Please note, the time frame for screening is variable and dependent on each case.

To learn more about…

CPR & First Aid Training or National Fingerprintingtraining@bgcalaska.org(907) 770-7323

Feel free to contact The Training Center regarding fingerprinting, CPR/First Aid training, or any other training questions. The Training Center is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.