Project Evaluation, Alaska Native Education Program

Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska is currently seeking an outside contract education project evaluator. The Clubs, are a partner with Arctic Slope Community Foundation in a project providing education enrichment services at 18 rural sites throughout Alaska.

Requirements include:

  • Minimum 3-years experience in research and evaluation in Alaska;
  • Experience working with Alaska Native tribal governments and organizations.
  • Experience working with schools and/or school districts in Alaska on projects that involve data sharing agreements between schools and out-of-school programs, including Boys & Girls Clubs;
  • Experience in working with rural and remote communities in Alaska; and,
  • A successful bid will require an Alaska business license, IRS W-9 Form, and proof of insurance with Boys & Girls Clubs named as additional insured. A contract cannot be awarded to a business/entity that has been suspended or barred from doing business with the U.S. Government. Proposals should acknowledge this requirement, but documentation will only be required of a successful bid prior executing a contract.

The solicitation opens September 27, 2018. Proposals must be received via e-mail at by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

Proposals should include:

  • A statement describing how the proposed evaluator meets the experience requirements detailed above;
  • A description of proposed approach to evaluation for the project;
  • A general budget for the evaluation project; and,
  • The resume of the principal investigator with three references.

The statement on experience, evaluation description, and general budget for the three-year period of the grant should not exceed three pages.

Questions regarding the solicitation should be directed to William Hurr, Dir. of Grants & Community Partnerships, at Please contact Mr. Hurr if you intend to apply, so he can contact you if there are any notices or updates related to this solicitation. Responses to questions or clarifications will be provided via e-mail and may not necessarily be posted on the agency website.

Abstract, Project Learn: Project Learn: Academic & Cultural Enrichment with Alaska Native Youth

Project Narrative, “Project Learn: Academic & Cultural Enrichment with Alaska Native Youth”

Alaska Native Education Program Federal Register Announcement 2017-05-15