Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska is committed to providing a safe environment for members, staff, and volunteers. As part of our commitment to safety and the protection of our youth and employees, we provide training on workplace policies, procedures, and job specific duties.

The Training Center offers Boys & Girls Clubs employees workplace training to prepare them for success while working in our Clubs. Training includes fingerprinting services, staff orientation and training, compliance training regarding Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Child Care Licensing Regulations, and ongoing staff development, such as earning one’s CDA credential.

Some of these training benefits are available at reduced cost to community partners, including the University of Alaska at Anchorage – Education Department and King Tech High School, and early childhood and school-age professionals of Alaska.

The Training Center also oversees the education reimbursement available to Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska employees. If employees are furthering their education/training in the area of their job duties or career advancement, they may be eligible for reimbursement for class/tuition fees. Training Center staff may also connect staff with outside resources for grant funding.

To learn more about…

The Training 249-5481

Feel free to contact The Training Center regarding fingerprinting, CPR/First Aid training, or any other training questions. The Training Center is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm.