Make a difference in a child’s life and help us deepen our impact by volunteering with Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska!

To volunteer, sign up online by clicking here

All volunteers working in Clubhouses, Athletics, and Licensed Childcare must complete a volunteer application and pass a state and federal criminal background check.  The volunteer application is available by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator or signing up online

Volunteer opportunities look different for each person/group.  You bring with you talents & interests that are unique to you. Maybe you want to help in the art room. Maybe you love to read and want to start a youth book club. Maybe you just like to tell jokes and hear children laugh. The opportunities are endless. Volunteer schedules are tailored to your availability. The Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to identify a Clubhouse to suit your needs and interest. 

These are just some of our ongoing volunteer needs:

 Volunteer Mentor
 Coordinator of Fun
 Sports Coach
Resident Artist
Music Teacher
Event Volunteers

Looking for a service opportunity for your group?

Boys & Girls Clubs has a variety of service opportunities that are just PERFECT for corporate/community volunteer groups.   Opportunities such as; sports jamborees, fundraising events, community events, or you can arrange for a special day of service just for your group at any of our Clubhouse locations.  Corporate and Community Volunteer Groups can find service opportunities at local Boys & Girls Clubs year-round.  Contact Kat Caudle for more information or, sign up online to get your group involved!

Once completed, submit your individual volunteer application via email to or, you can fax it to (907) 770-7323.  After your Volunteer Application is approved, we will help you get started as a volunteer in the area/position of your choosing by connecting you with a supervising staff at the Clubhouse of your choice.