Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska’s Mission

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Through targeted and meaningful programs Clubs are working to provide a world-class Club experience that ensures success is within reach of every young person. All members are on track to achieve our priority outcomes:

  • Academic Success – Graduating from high school ready for college, trade school, military, or employment
  • Character & Leadership – Being an engaged citizen who is involved in the community, registering to vote, and modeling strong character
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Adopting a healthy diet, practicing healthy lifestyle choices, and making a lifelong commitment to fitness

Our Vision

Club programs instill a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and influence that enhances the development of youth.

Youth connect with caring adults and mentors who help support them in a safe and stable environment. Club staff help youth to achieve academic success, good character, citizenship, and healthy lifestyles by supporting, inspiring and empowering them. Our Club members thrive when the Clubs ensure safety, fun experiences, supportive relationships, and recognition.

Our History

Decades of Youth Development

Incorporated in November of 1966 in Anchorage, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska began as the “Boys Club of Alaska.” The very first programs included Babe Ruth Baseball, intramural basketball, and an after-school program.

Boys Club of Alaska 1966
Girls Club of Alaska 1974

In 1974, The Girls Club joined the fun! Programming included sports for girls in the Anchorage area. The 1970s also saw the expansion of the organization with its first stand alone Clubhouse in Spenard.

Today, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska serves school-aged children and youth in 23 Clubhouse locations across the state. Our Child Development Center in Anchorage serves families with children ages 6 weeks through 10-years-old and is a licensed childcare facility. Our Athletics programs offer winter, spring, summer, and fall seasons and include basketball, cheerleading flag football, in-door and outdoor soccer, and volleyball.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska, an Alaskan Nonprofit Organization

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska is a nonprofit corporation that has served Alaska since 1966.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization with an EIN of 92-0036082 under the name “Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska.” Your contributions to Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska are tax deductible. A copy of the latest IRS 990 form and Audited Financials for Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska are publicly available for download:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska completes an audit of its financial statements every year and has been required to complete an A-133 single federal audit and single state audit given both federal and state revenues through grants and other income. Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska Final FS 2022 & Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska Complete 2022 Return is available for download.

A copy of the Annual Report is also available for download: 2021 Boys & Girls Clubs Southcentral Alaska Annual Report

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Through our mission and vision, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska embraces the diversity of our children and youth, our families, and our communities. As an organization we embrace and honor diversity, equity, and inclusion. We understand that the diversity of Alaska, our communities, our families, our youth, and our staff enriches our work and helps the Clubs serve youth in ways that they succeed as the leaders of tomorrow.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska has zero tolerance for discrimination in any form. The model we set fosters our ability to understand, support, and deliver our organizational goals and commitment to youth. Inclusion cultivates an environment that builds healthy and productive working relationships by creating a foundation of equal treatment, influence and respect for diversity.

In our work with youth, families, communities, and with those who work for Boys & Girls Clubs of Southcentral Alaska, we do not discriminate, exclude, or treat people differently on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

At the national level, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has employed definitions created by its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council, to serve as a foundational reference and to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion are rooted in the national organization. The Clubs commit to upholding these principles:

Diversity is the presence of varied identities in a culture that respects and celebrates all characteristics that make us uniquely individual and collectively successful. Diversity recognizes the value of all people in their entirety with an appreciation for personal experiences in an environment that fosters collaborative thinking for the benefit of our work.

Equity is the focus on providing access, opportunity, networks, resources and support for individuals to be successful and reach their full potential. It is our collective responsibility, especially for those with influence, to address power differences and eliminate barriers that hinder the advancement of historically marginalized people.

Inclusion is the act of empowering everyone to participate, connect and grow. Inclusion creates a culture of belonging and mutual respect by ensuring all individuals are given the tools and information necessary to contribute to the organization in their own unique way and that these contributions are valued.